How does this work ?
To get the most of this website, you should:
  1. Create an account
    1. For Chrome, skip to next step
    2. For Firefox, install Greasemonkey
    3. For Safari, SIMBL and GreaseKit should work
    4. For IE, Greasemonkey for IE may hopefully help
  2. Install the user script
  3. Surf on www.imdb.com and rate movies by clicking icons
What is the meaning of the icons ?
  • Need: I want to see this movie
  • Bad: Boring movie, I wasted my time
  • Ok: Enjoyable movie (most movies)
  • Excellent: Excellent, I would watch it twice
  • Favorite: Incredibly awesome, the kind of movie you must watch many times regularly
What happens if I click on others' icons ?
Clicking on any icons you see will *always* vote for you. Never for someone else. So if you click on icons in someone else list, you will not immediately see the result, but you actually vote for yourself.
How can I add more ratings options ?
You cannot. It is meant to be a very simple, fast and efficient system. No extra bloating options.
How to add a picture to my account ?
Sign up for www.gravatar.com with the same email address and your picture will show up here.
What about privacy ?
Everything is publicly available for anyone. The only exceptions are emails and passwords which will never be published.